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AYC Spring One Design Regatta - April 25, 2015

posted Apr 27, 2015, 11:34 AM by Annapolis Fleet
Defying predictions, the breeze filled in nicely for Saturday's AYC Spring One Design delivering four good races. Congrats to Chris Gaffney, Jenny Gaffney and Warren Ritcher who took the day and thanks to AYC for a great day of racing. Complete results available online at:

WINNER'S WRITE-UP, Chris Gaffney, Jenny Gaffney and Warren Ritcher:

First off, I'd like to apologize to the fleet and to AYC for Jenny and I not making it to the awards ceremony.  We had family in town visiting for the weekend and needed to spend the time with them when we got off the water.  I trust Warren represented us well!
On a cold and grey day, where we did not expect to see much breeze, sailing conditions were a pleasant surprise.  Races 1 and 4 were sailed in slightly less settled and wider ranging 6-10 knot breezes, while races 2 and 3 were sailed in more of a 10-12 knot range with relatively more stable breezes.  In a bit of a rare circumstance, most of the day was sailed in a flooding current that was not exceptionally strong, but seemed to be the primary strategic variable for the day.  Breezes were extremely "lane-y" and "veiny" all day.  More so in races 1 and 4.  5-10 minute oscillations were prevalent with longer trending shifts and a slow left general trend throughout the day that accelerated somewhat toward the end of the day.  In the end, it was a boat speed day with lots of long tack, drag race beats and tight racing.
I can't remember if it was race 2 or 3, but Scooby, us and Hot Toddy all finished within 1/4 boat length of each other after dicing it up all the way down the run.  That was one of the most intense and fun fleet races I've ever been in!
Thanks to the AYC RC and Sandy Grosvenor who did a fantastic job and to the fleet for showing a great turnout for a cold and grey day!  And, you can't go through an AYC event without thanking Linda Ambrose for all of the hard work that she puts in both for AYC and for the sport in Annapolis in general.
Look forward to seeing you all at NOOD's next weekend.  Go Fleet 19!